SkyLIFE Global

Airdropping Aid. Anytime. Anywhere.

Lifesaving Aid Starts with Smart Design

SkyLIFE leverages advanced technology to meaningfully improve humanitarian action around the world. We specialize in aerial delivery and work with NGOs, governments, and humanitarian organizations to improve the way relief supplies and essential aid are distributed to people in need.


Our aerial delivery systems are intelligently designed to deliver crucial aid quickly and directly to the individual. Traditional methods of humanitarian relief can be unsuccessful, despite valiant efforts at high costs. SkyLIFE addresses gaps in the humanitarian relief supply chain by ensuring fast and reliable aid—anytime, anywhere.

The Many Applications of Reimagined Aid Delivery

 Humanitarian aid delivery can be fraught with logistical complications. SkyLIFE designs savvy airdrop technology to guarantee fast and safe distribution.

Humanitarian Aid

Natural disasters make aid delivery difficult due to damaged infrastructure and disrupted supply chains. SkyLIFE bypasses these challenges by delivering aid directly.

Natural Disaster

Intelligent air delivery technology gives humanitarian efforts access to remote locations that are in dire need of supplies and aid.

Remote Location Access

Most air delivery technology is limited in what it can airdrop. SkyLIFE can deliver anything, anywhere.

Deliver Anything Technology

SkyLIFE systems do not require on-the-ground personnel. This has many advantages, including the ability to deliver aid that is COVID-safe.

Contactless Delivery

SLG Partnerships