Designed for the Individual, Delivered to the Thousands

Designed for the Individual, Delivered to the Thousands

SkyPACK is an individual-sized ration that drops right at the feet of those who need it most.

What if, in the wake of a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis, communities were not left helplessly waiting for the arrival of critical aid? What if, when aid did arrive, it didn’t arrive stashed on a single truck that drew large and frantic crowds?

Instead, what if critical aid was aerially delivered out of planes and landed directly at your feet. And what if this aid was just for you? This idea was the motivation behind the design of our SkyPACK. SkyPACKS change the humanitarian aid paradigm by reimagining aid for the individual.

Airdropping heavy pallet-sized rations can be dangerous and difficult. They require a cleared drop zone, recovery personnel on the ground, and force protection assets. Alternatively, SkyPACKS are individually-portioned rations, designed to be airdropped in large numbers, over large areas. Because these packs can be scattered anywhere, individuals have the opportunity to receive aid directly. SkyPACKS are ideal for keeping people alive until traditional disaster relief efforts arrive.

A Little More About SkyPACK:

Each SkyPACK carries up to 10 ounces of aid. Aid can vary based on need, but packs typically carry water, food, and medicine. SkyPACK delivers individually portioned relief aid directly to disaster victims until traditional transportation infrastructure is up and running. A single large fixed-wing plane can drop over 200,000 SkyPACK in one flyover. However, SkyPACK can discharge from virtually any aircraft. Using this unique technology does not require any existing ground infrastructure or personnel, so receiving life-sustaining aid is just a matter of looking up.