Mission & Values


SkyLIFE  Global seeks to meaningfully improve the way disaster relief is delivered to people in need. We believe that all people should have access to fast and accessible aid in the aftermath of disaster or crisis and that it is our responsibly to leverage technology to this end.



We design products to address logistical challenges along the humanitarian aid supply chain and improve the way aid reaches people. Our hope is to change outdated conceptions about what can be achieved inside of humanitarian aid delivery.



Solving longstanding problems of aid delivery is always the inspiration behind our product development. We believe our products can save lives and that we have a responsibility to leverage technology to its full humanitarian potential.



Our technology provides a specific but invaluable tool in the larger toolbox of the global humanitarian aid and disaster relief community. We believe in creating pathways for potential collaboration, developing relationships around shared goals and applying our technology anywhere it is needed.



We are a solutions-driven company with a commitment to excellence in all we do. Lifesaving aid starts with smart design.


Respect for the Individual

Our journey began after witnessing firsthand what happens when people cannot access the aid they need. SkyLIFE is not simply about aid delivery, it’s about delivering aid directly to people.

Airdropping Aid.



SkyLIFE works to develop sustainable products for a modern world. All our products can be recycled or reused, minimizing environmental waste in the communities they serve.