The SkyLIFE Model & Prepositioning

The SkyLIFE Model & Prepositioning

A Long-term Solution that Enables Regions to Preemptively Prepare for Disaster.

SkyLIFE believes the most successful disaster preparedness plans are the ones that are maintained and activated locally. Localized relief plans empower regions to respond quickly and address unpredictable variables with greater efficacy because relief is not wholly contingent on external networks.

With this in mind, we’ve developed the SkyLIFE model, a system for locally operated humanitarian relief. The SkyLIFE model can be easily implemented and used to strengthen or redefine a local disaster preparedness strategy. This model is designed for seamless application anywhere in the world.

The foundation of the SkyLIFE model is establishing strategic prepositioning sites that house at-the-ready supplies and airdrop systems to be used and distributed at a moment’s notice. When active, these sites are operated by a local, in-country work force that has been trained by SkyLIFE representatives. Following a basic set of guidelines and regulations, SkyLIFE model participants would have full, on-site control of the SkyLIFE products and systems.

The SkyLIFE model is designed to be a part of a larger network of disaster preparedness infrastructure and function synergistically. For example, using this model might mean incorporating existing warehouse networks for prepositioning or coordinating with local relief organizations. This model might activate in the moments after a crisis, saving lives until outside help arrives. Or it might be used for sustained humanitarian projects, housing supplies like cooking oil to be delivered as needed.