The Aerial Delivery of Contactless Aid

The Aerial Delivery of Contactless Aid

SkyLIFE and COVID-19

SkyLIFE is the aerial aid delivery system for NGOs, governments, licensees, and private businesses. Once a pioneer in airdrop technology, SkyLIFE broke boundaries many (scientists, engineers, and NGOs alike) thought could not be achieved and at such a cost-saving for them- allowing for the client to drop more aid to the beneficiaries.

SkyLIFE, day in and day out, has achieved the title the “parachute guys.” For over one year, SkyLIFE has dropped with no errors and before that at a 99.9% efficiency rate. SkyLIFE sought out a way to get aid to those in need when they needed it.

Thus, today those at SkyLIFE can drop anything from the air safely to the ground coining the term ” making the undroppable, droppable.”

SkyLIFE works with the WFP and USAID in South Sudan to ensure that those in vulnerable positions are getting the vitamins, minerals, and aid relief they need. SkyLIFE became what they are today because they saw the gap between the developed and undeveloped worlds. “Much of the world is still developing and evolving every day.

It is crucial to understand that those who are in vulnerable positions due to natural disasters get the food, water, and minerals they need ” SkyLIFE states. When we care for those who are in need, around the world, we are not just making one city or one region better; we, as a society, are making the world better. As SkyLIFE explains its mission, they encourage others to help those facing vulnerable positions around the world so that they can develop their communities from the inside out.

During COVID-19, SkyLIFE has been deemed the best contactless solution, with very minimal hands-on action required. With the spread of COVID-19, SkyLIFE has proved that not only are they able to deliver safely, utilizing transportation, but likewise in the health and sanitation sphere. SkyLIFE, in every way, proved what they were made to do. It was in these months of the pandemic when SkyLIFE dropped their first-ever batch of fresh food, containing eggs and yogurt.

In a world where lives are often on the line, it is the goal of SkyLIFE to be first on the scene. This does not mean to arrive within hours or days, but to SkyLIFE, it means immediately- when action is needed most. That is why SkyLIFE revolutionized its technology in speed, distance, and delivery to procure the fastest method of delivery to our customers.

With the advanced technology of SkyLIFE, clients can drop anything from the air; safely, securely, and rapidly, to those in need. This includes, but is not limited to: oil, eggs,  apples, shelved food, water, communication devices, medical supplied, and fertilizer.

SkyLIFE has created a new world where no contact is needed to disperse vital essentials or commercial items to those waiting. A world where we can re-nourish all land at the drop of a box. The Future is SkyLIFE.