What is Your Plan in the Race Against Time?

What is Your Plan in the Race Against Time?

When Time is SCARCE, What is YOUR PLAN?!

10 years in the making to bring you the best plan on the market

Jeff Potter, CEO, and founder of SkyLIFE understands that when it comes to humanitarian aid, time is a scare resource. In order to use time intelligently and save lives, SkyLIFE has engineered its technology to be highly responsive and always effective. SkyLIFE is designed to be first on the scene, delivering communication and essentials to anyone, anywhere. Coordinated from the air, no season or terrain can stop SkyLIFE from doing its job. Let us help you stay in front of unforeseen challenges, by fortifying your disaster preparedness strategy with SkyLIFE. Safe. Secure. Fast.


Let’s Talk About Plans

In a world where disasters often strike at a moment’s notice, those in command of first response units need the latest technology and resources in which the loss of life, chaos, and unrest can be mitigated. SkyLIFE allows disaster coordinators and first responders to not just be first on the scene, but for the first time coordinators are able to get in front of disaster situations, controlling chaos and maintaining logistics. How is this possible?  SkyLIFE has spent 10 years developing engineered aerodynamic delivery systems,  dropping at a 99.9% effective rate, to allow coordinators to pre-position supplies before a disaster strike. SkyLIFE brings this new technology to disaster coordinators in the fields of NGOs, governments, and the private sector to bring about a system that gets those in command the technology they need to when cities are shut down and places cannot be reached. SkyLIFE allows its clients to gain control of disastrous situations that ignite or involve panic by our readily available communication devices, SkyCOM and SkyVID, and our Aerial Delivery Systems. With SkyLIFE clients are able to reach those in need before disaster strikes motioning them to safe places and enabling communication of events that will partake. Such as food disbursement, where to go, and what to do next.

SkyLIFE allows for steady maintenance of the food supply by dispersing ample nutrients and supplies over widespread communities with our SkyBOX and SkyPACK systems. SkyPACK has been made readily available for flood zones and our products are recyclable.  With SkyLIFE you are now in control of disasters mitigating chaos.

The only plan is the SkyLIFE Plan. Contact us for inquires.